Slovak Funeral 2014

The second year of successful exhibition Slovak Funeral was held during the November 6-8, 2014 at Trenčín Expo Center.

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Opening of the exhibition hosted by Ivan Vojtek Tuli, more photos in the gallery at the end of the article
Slovak actor Ivan Tuli Vojtek jr. was also this year the facilitator of this exhibition. As Ladislav Stríž the president of the Slovak Association of Funeral and Cremation Services mentioned during his speech, the main aim of this exhibition was to show the latest trends in this field. The second year is special in its own way, as well as the first one was. “We want to make an interest of people with something new in every event like this one. This time it was a competition in trench graves of four countries. This event is not only for media. Our intention is to present our profession closer to the public. Many people think that workers from funeral services are something less than others, but it is not true. Real professionals are working for us, they need to know not only the trench work, but also they have knowledge from anthropology, hygiene, health care, physics, engineering, since all those fields are in connection to this profession.” said Ladislav Stríž in his speech.

The conference was attended by representatives of the state, more photos in the gallery at the end of the article
The high interest in this event was not surprise. Conference of countries of the Visegrád Group, about funeral services “The right to human dignity” preceded the exhibition. The main aim of this conference was coordinate the participating countries in the way how they act against the partners of other European countries with similar communities of interest and how to be an equal partner to those other countries. Other aims of this conference were specific, contained from the possibility for joining the interest of participating countries, which should lead to the improvement of services in the funeral field with the possibility to reach the level of European standards.

Prof. MUDr. Ivan Rovný, PhD., MPH. the main hygienist of Slovak Republic was guarantor of the conference and was stand by representatives. … The result of the conference is the need to adopt a resolution of participants of the conference and to establish a commission composed from the representatives of participated states. This commission would monitor the implementation and fulfillment of this resolution. The presence of government officials of the Visegrád Group countries should be a guarantor of this resolution.

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From the left: 2st place PL-Dvonč, 1st place SK Bratislava, 3st place ČR Sokolov, more photos in the gallery at the end of the article
The competition in trench graves of V4
This part of the event was very attractive for media. The aim, however, was not sensationalist presentation of gravediggers. On the contrary, the aim was to show the challenging profession of funeral service, which is often wrong perceived by the public as a digging along roads, job that is often undervalued and usually carried out by people with the lowest education and often as an execution of a punishment. But in this case, is the exact opposite true. This responsible work is carried out by educated people with necessary knowledge.

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Students competed in arranging more photos in the gallery at the end of the article
An arranging competition
The competition of arranging could not be missed also during this year of exhibition. Attendees were students from two high schools. Dominika Tóthová, 2nd grade student of gardener study from SOŠ Železovce won one gold metal. She won first place in Ikebana flower arrangement. The other prizes were awarded to high school in Malinovo. Jaroslava Lenčéšová – 2nd place –decoration of urn, Norbert Nozdrovický one gold and two silver prizes, Filip Krajčovič won first place in decoration of urn. Their beautiful works were kept as an adornment of exhibition stand (where the competition was held) until the end of the exhibition and so all of the visitors had the opportunity to take a detail look at them.

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Visitors SAPaKS exhibition praised more photos in the gallery at the end of the article
Evaluation of the exhibition
The complete range, which is needed for the funeral service business activity, was presented during the exhibition. To a lesser extent there were experts from stonemasonry. Their exhibition occurs separately every year in March. As a CEO Expo Center Ing. Pavol Hozlár said during his speech at gala dinner: “Products of stonemasons, carpenters, health professionals, gardeners and many others are related to funeral service to high extent and so our intention is to join both exhibition Kamenár and Slovak Funeral. This would lead to more complex offer for businesses and public.” Of course, we think as well that this is the right way, because in exhibitions that are organizes in the whole Europe it works this way for decades.

From our point of view has exhibition a great success,” said president of SAPaKS Ladislav Stíž for media and visitors. “Not only by its contribution to funeral services, but also for the attendance of foreign exhibitors which are represented more this year than before,” added during his speech.

Finally, we could say, that we are looking forward to see you next year of exhibition and those who missed Slovak Funeral 2014, have the opportunity to change it during the Slovak Funeral 2015. We will inform you about the preparations and date in advance, stay tuned at

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