Initiator and organizator of the project Slovak Funeral, Slovak Association of Funeral and Cremation Services is also an editor of its magazine called Slovak funeral.

SP_09_2013_obalkaPrint press
From its content it includes not only the entire area that is related to funeral industry, but it also brings interesting things, comments and reports of events from the Slovak Republic, Europe, and those ones that are concerned only a little of this area of interest. Therefore in this magazine you can find advices about registration of vehicles, about headstone cleaning and grave maintenance, advices for citizens and local government authorities, reports from expositions, interviews with interesting people, with successful company, history and present days of ours cemeteries and upcoming events in the Slovak Republic as well as abroad. We pay attention also to garden architecture at the cemeteries, free space for expressions have also mayors and you can read about treating with certain moments of life in the Manual for bereaved.

We do not avoid of advertising. Each client can find the right and adequate space according to theirs ideas and opportunities. We can respond flexible also to unusual requests. The print press of our magazine is quarterly published. It is distributed for free to companies and to entrepreneurs (especially to funeral services, manufacturers and to service providers) as well as for any area related peoples who are dealing with these issues, like retirements homes, hospice, registries, public health authorities, forensic departments, local authorities, municipalities, mayors, etc. The magazine is distributed mainly in the Slovak Republic and to a small extent it has customers in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Austria and Poland. It is the only magazine with its specification in the Slovak Republic and the Czech Republic.

The Internet
The magazine has also its internet version, it has found its place at the successful portal where you can find all previously published volumes, widen with surveys, search engine in the field of funeral and information about events in the Slovak Association of Funeral and Cremation Services.

If you are interested in online portal of Slovak Funeral, check out the website