Funeral 2016

Preparation for next Expo Slovak Funeral 10. - 12. november 2016

A long time fully of prepare, plans, designs, proposals, dialogues, contracts and agreements comes before the next exposition. A lot of meetings, emails, contacts, business trips are related to this preparation and this all activities are time consuming. Therefore, the preparation for next exposition begins, in fact, immediately after the end of current exposition.

       Plan of exhibition area Expo Center Trenčín
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In an effort to avoid time pressure in relation to the requirements of clients for an exposition space and its location in pavilion, we offer you an opportunity to pre-order an exposition space right now, or to inquire about opportunities in each pavilion.

We decided to inform you personally about the preparations for the next exposition, and what's more, we offer you an opportunity of preliminary non-binding reservation of exposition premises, or eventually you can write us your individual requirements (for accommodation, accompanying program, cultural activities, sports, etc.). All of these we will try to ensure for your satisfaction.

Simply, just complete the form bellow, where you specify your ideas. In co-operation with Expo Center Trenčín we will review your requirements and after then we will inform you and we will discuss another action.

Organizational conditions for exhibitors and application download