Content of exposition

Funeral exposition covers a range of services and products that are, as well as in the other fields, developed with respect to the requirements of time and according to technical possibilities. We present a brief overview of things that should not be missed in any case and what expect professionals and public. They have found the most of these also at the previous Slovak Funeral 2012 and 2014. We believe that the next exposition in 2016 will be even more widen and successful.

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Coffins, presentation of coffins and facilities manufacture
Accessories for urns, upholstery, handles, ornaments
Presentation of new trend of coffins’ shapes
Presentation of using of new materials for manufacture
Presentation of ceramic urns and urns from traditional and non-traditional materials
    Slovak Funeral 2012

Municipalities, organizations
Refrigerators for Funeral Homes, funeral services and medical equipment
Passportisation of graves at cemeteries
Facilities of Funeral Homes and sacral objects
Rodent control, disinfestation and disinfection
Software products for managing cemeteries, municipalities
Modern cremation furnaces and their equipment
Machinery for excavation and special activities
Ecology at the cemeteries
    Cemetery architecture

Insurance companies
Insurance of funeral costs
Insurance of graves
Life insurance
Travel insurance
    Slovak Funeral 2012

Air transport of remains
Land transport of remains
Motor vehicles and special vehicles transport of remains
Conversions of hearses
Other forms for transport of remains
    Airport M.R. Štefánika Bratislava

Funeral services
Refrigeration Equipment for funeral services
Transport equipment, storage and portable devices
Ribbon printing machines
Software and hardware for production of memorial cards
Reconstruction technique
Uniforms, suits, accessories
Protective clothing, equipment, hygiene
Practices of thanatology
Funeral music, equipment, instruments, software
    Slovak Funeral 2012 - transport equipment

Memorabilia, manufacture, sale
Cleaning equipment for stone monuments, gravestones
Modern tombstones
Decoration of graves
Graves with electronic equipment
Virtual cemeteries
  pamatecni sklo 2012 233
    Ash encapsulated in glass

Wreaths, bouquets, ikebana
The art of floristics
Bouquets hand-tie, decorations, ribbons
New trends, the use of new elements
Decoration of funeral premises
Decoration of common room for funeral feast

Photo-ceramics of stone-cutting, decoration for graves
Stone carving
Special preparations for exterior – monumental sculpture
Machines and equipment for gravestones processing
Grave stones engraving

Gardening services
Taking care of graves
Reverential greenery
Plants and trees at cemeteries
Year-round care of tombs
Tree chops down
Earthworks, preparation of grave places
    Decoration of graves

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